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 How To Avoid The Biggest Mistake Financial Advisors & Wealth Managers Make When It Comes To Getting High Net-Worth Clients

 The Two Things The “Rainmakers” Have Present In Their Business That The Strugglers Do Not

The Simple, Proven, 4 Step System That Generates High Value Clients & How You Can Implement This Into Your Business/Services Right Away


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Digital Marketing

Get your business in front of prospective customers who are looking for you right now. Our comprehensive digital marketing services use the latest in paid search and social media advertising to precisely target your message and get your company noticed.

Strategic Consulting

No matter what type of business you run – we can help you plan out a strategic approach to attract the kind of clients that are energized, hopeful and motivated to succeed.

E-Commerce Platforms

Sell products online and add an entirely new stream of income to your bottom line. From booking appointments to one-on-one coaching and more, we can help you get set up to sell items online right from your website storefront.

Conversation Optimization

Not sure which of your marketing efforts is paying off? We’ll carefully analyze your traffic data and see where people are coming from – and how we can get them to stay and do business with you.


Imagine your calendar regularly added appointments automatically with qualified suspects who are interested in your specialty areas. That’s our service in a nutshell.

Our trademarked Digital Referral Systems® provides a new stream of referrals that reach out to book appointments with you. It is, without a doubt, the easiest way you will ever generate new clients. When put in place, you have a steady stream of qualified suspect meetings booked for you automatically. Every month. Month after month.

We work exclusively with Financial Advisors. We understand your products, your markets and your opportunities. If you are not using Digital Referrals to your advantage today, you are simply missing out on huge opportunity.

Are you frustrated because you aren’t seeing the kind of growth in your practice that you want? Are you steamed watching “the other guys” grow their practices while yours stagnates? Do you have a great team, ready to service customers, but you just aren’t seeing the deal flow you need?


If you’re still reading, you’d probably gain from a strategy session with me. During this consultation I help you evaluate your current situation, review your growth goals, and discuss how to bridge that gap.

Leads Generated

Marketing Campaigns

Cups Of Fuel


Customers on Fire


It takes a great team to make a great difference. We work with you to grow your business online.

About The Founder

Moe Mir is an entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant from Middlesex, New Jersey who was personally mentored by some of the top digital marketers and businessmen on the planet.

Moe helps Financial Service Professionals generate high value AUM clients through proven Online Client Acquisition systems. He has been able to generate a consistent ROI for his clients and help them gain shear domination in their marketplace.



Read what my customers have to say.

We never knew that a digital referral strategy system would be something our existing clients would respond to. After investing in systems developed by Fuel Fire, this year so far has transformed our results.


Fiduciary Wealth Advisor

The solutions provided by Fuel-Fire was if they had witnessed personally every single challenge I had been facing. The marketing side of this business is so hard to find the time create a system when I am busy meeting with possible clients. Brandon identified several areas where I am bleeding resources and losing a ton of opportunity. He gets it, better than anyone I have personally ever asked advice from.


Retirement Advisor

I've never seen anyone take such a thorough and insightful approach to marketing in the financial arena. And constantly improving. Seeing massive results in the past six months after having Fuel Fire implement their proven systems!

K. J


I've tried implementing a marketing system, and it feels like peeling back an onion. You think you've got it and then you find there is yet another layer to implement. Ugh! Five years and tens of thousands of dollars later I'm beginning to know what I don't know and I know that Fuel Fire is the real deal. I am adding fuel to the fire and moving online -- its exciting!



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How to Accelerate your referral profits by 2x-5x

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FREE Digital Referral Accelerator System

How to Accelerate your referral profits by 2x-5x

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